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Marketing Automation: What Is It And Why Use It?

In the era of Information and Communication Technology (ITC), marketing, together with business models, the way we communicate and our daily lives, also undergoes substantial, rapid and sudden changes.
A practical example? The Marketing Automation , important and valuable opportunity to brand and business , a strategy that will have even met you, perhaps without realizing it.
Do you know what Marketing Automation is? Do you know what its advantages and functions are? I'll explain it to you in this mini-guide, so take a few minutes and enjoy reading.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is based on the use of specific software and technologies designed to facilitate the automation of certain marketing processes, their monitoring (even in real time) and the precise and constant measurement of the results and data collected.
By way of example, Marketing Automation can be introduced in the segmentation activities of the target audience or in the sending of messages designed ad hoc and addressed to a database of contacts.
The task of Marketing Automation, therefore, is to facilitate and make leaner and faster both certain sales processes and some communication processes.
There are two principles governing Marketing Automation activities, as the same expression suggests:
·         l ' automation , or the ability to plan strategically and (at least partially) automated certain marketing and communications campaigns or part of these, or even specific actions, with the goal of making processes more efficient and to promote The sales;
·         The measurement, or the possibility of constantly monitoring and analyzing in real time the performance of the activated marketing campaigns and their results, so as to intervene in case of need. This also allows you to collect a large amount of data relating to customer behavior, leads, their buying and also browsing habits, purchasing preferences and browsing preferences.
Marketing Automation, therefore, on the one hand automates marketing processes making sales activities faster and more effective, on the other hand it allows you to study customers, potential customers and purchasing processes, so as to optimize marketing strategies and of communication to be fielded.
But specifically, what is Marketing Automation for?

Marketing Automation functions

Marketing Automation is an effective tool that allows companies to automate and speed up repetitive actions with a specific goal: to acquire new customers, retain those already acquired and increase sales.
Concrete examples in which Marketing Automation software, technologies and strategies are applied are:
·         Sending multichannel messages;
·         The activation of multi-channel campaigns;
·         The implementation of email marketing campaigns;
·         The creation of landing pages, e-mails, registration forms;
·         The creation of reports;
·         The management of lead nurturing campaigns;
·         Planning and scheduling of content to be posted on Social Networks;
·         The creation of databases of useful contacts;
·         The collection and analysis of data relating to customers, purchasing behavior and browsing habits;
·         Control and analysis of active marketing campaigns;
·         Strategies to make customer satisfaction and care more effective, even in post-sales.
The advantages of Marketing Automation
The centralization and automation of specific repetitive and consolidated activities and functions reserves precious and useful advantages especially for top video production companies in Dubai:
·         The greater efficiency of the strategies, tactics and actions implemented to acquire new customers;
·         The most effective customer care, even in the post-sale;
·         The saving of resources, time and money;
·         The simplification of the individual actions;
·         The monitoring and control constant and in real time of what happens;
·         The precious collection of data and information, indispensable for increasingly efficient and conversion-oriented marketing strategies.

Marketing Automation and companies

The world of web marketing , that of business and companies today can no longer ignore the need to rely on Marketing Automation technologies and strategies, capable of ensuring greater efficiency both in the processes implemented and in the results obtained.
The future? A growing introduction and penetration of Marketing Automation into business realities.

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