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Ways to Put on Your Swim Caps Properly

If you're a swimmer and you have long lavish hair but you're contemplating on whether you should cut it short to be more convenient, then worry no more.

Yes, having long hair can pose a challenge when putting on your personalised swim caps because it can easily pull your hair that can cause pain and discomfort.

So, we've come up with ways on how to put your swim caps properly:

 1. Stretch your swim cap out

The best way to stretch your personalised swim caps is by using your hands because it lets you stretch it out as far as you can. Stretching your caps allows you to draw the cap over your head without touching your hair as much. Once your cap is down as far as it can go, you can gently ease the edges down and make adjustments as needed and tuck in any loose hair strands.

 2. Always water down your hair first

Having wet hair makes it easier to get your personalised swim caps on your head as painless as possible because you can easily mat your hair down and you won't have to exert much effort to stretch out your swimming caps. You can also put on some leave-in conditioner to your hair, especially when you have long hair as it makes it smoother and easier to place your swim caps.

3. You may want to ask someone for help

It's always better to ask someone for help. Asking your teammate, friend, swimming buddy, or coach to help you put on your personalised swim caps can also be more efficient and effective because they can approach the whole thing from another angle and they can easily stretch out your swimming cap to fit your head better. Asking for other's help also means you'll have an extra set of hands to help you position your cap properly.

4. Consider a different type of swim caps

Swimming caps are made from various kinds of materials and each has its own benefits. There are materials that may pull your hair less compared to others. Always purchase personalised swim caps that are made from several materials because this is the way for you to find out which one works best for you. Once you do, you would be worry-free from the feeling of discomfort every time you put on your caps and jump in the pool to swim.

5. Always treat your swim caps gently

Swim caps are delicate and a tiny hole can quickly turn into a huge one. Always avoid using your fingernails when you're pulling on your cap and whenever you need to make adjustments. Caring for your swimming caps always makes a huge difference and after using it, you should properly clean and keep it.

Swim caps are designed to help you feel better while swimming and to help you perform better. These easy ways to put on your caps gives you a better understanding on how to do it right, lessening the challenges that come with it.

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