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What are the Different Types of Swim Caps?

It is important to know the different types of custom swim caps to know which one would perfectly fit your match. To help you out, we've listed down a quick guide to assist you on your hunt for the perfect fit.

Let's discuss the different types of swim caps:

1. Silicone

This type of custom swim caps is perfect for competitive swimmers and those with longer hair. Silicone is considered the most common material used in making swimming caps. It has extreme strength and durability — this material is able to fir your head perfectly for a seamless fit and it doesn't lose its elasticity over time. According to experts and professional swimmers, this material doesn't snag or pull your hair as other swimming cap materials do.

2. Rubber

This type of custom swim caps is perfect for those wild swimmers who love the cold water and weather. Rubber is one of the first materials ever used for creating swimming caps and it is making a comeback in today's market. This material is thicker than latex but not as pliable. Some of the most popular rubber styles include bubble cups which are excellent to use for colder water or for anyone who feels cold easily. There are rubber swimming caps with a chin strap to keep it in place while in use.

3. Latex

This type of custom swim caps is great for competitive swimmers who like variety. Furthermore, it is the second most common material used in swimming cap production today. Numerous professional swimmers prefer using this because of the fit and feel of the latex material compared to silicone. However, keep in mind that this is less durable than other materials but because it is thinner and lighter, it is perfect to use in warmer conditions. In addition, latex swimming caps tend to be cheaper over most others which makes this ideal for swimmers who like a variety of options on hand.

4. Neoprene

This type of custom swim caps is perfect for an open water swimmer who needs protection because neoprene is from the same materials as wetsuits. This material prevents heat loss from your head during swimming, therefore it is perfect to use in cold lakes or in the ocean. Endurance swimmers and triathletes often choose this kind of swim cap to keep their heads warm.

5. Lycra or Spandex

This type of custom swim caps is excellent for recreational swimmers who are looking for comfort. Swim caps made from lycra or spandex are, by far, the most comfortable to wear. It is fairly durable and is specially designed to last a long time. However, to keep it in prime condition, you have to rinse it with a chlorine-neutralizing solution to keep its elasticity. The only drawback of this material is that it allows water to flow freely inside the cap, making it suitable to use by recreational swimmers.

Now that you know the different types of swim caps, you'll be able to determine which suits your needs most. Especially if you are a professional swimmer or you love to swim in the open water.

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