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6 Ways to Optimize Your Bandcamp and Make it the Tool of Your Success

Bandcamp is an online music company. It is American in origin and was founded in 2008 by Oddpost and has headquarters in Oakland, California. Music is uploaded on Bandcamp by artists and labels, and they control how they sell it. They set their prices and also sell merchandise.

Bandcamp is easy to use, and fans can download using this bandcamp downloader by 4Hub or stream their music on the website or the app either only once or unlimited times by preserving the purchase voucher.

The option to send purchased music as a gift is also available, so is the opportunity to save individual songs and albums to a wishlist. You can upload music to Bandcamp free of cost, but the company takes a 15% cut out of sales made from their website.

Here I would like to give you some tips and tricks to optimize your Bandcamp and how you can make it a tool for your success.

1.  Stream your music for free

If you are a new artist, stream your music for free. People are less likely to pay so soon for an artist they’ve just discovered, so they’ll skip your songs. You can, however, keep your upload in play mode. That way, you still earn from listeners listening.

2.  Make sure to choose an excellent first track

Your first track is what makes listeners decide to listen to your second one. If your first track is not worth it, your listeners won’t bother checking out others. So make sure that the very first track on your album is as amazing as you can make it.

Hit them with your best work. If the first song makes an impact, listeners are more likely to check out the rest of your album. 

3.  Spend good time an effort on your biography

As is the case with authors, an excellent biography can be the difference between getting more listeners or losing them. More often than not, it is the biographies of authors that attracts them to their books, and so is the case with artists.

Comparing the artists to themselves humanizes them in the eyes of the listener and makes them more curious to listen to the artist. So make sure your biography is very well-written. 

4.  Apply to Bandcamp weekly show 

Bandcamp collaborates with Andrew Jarvis, a pretty famous and relaxed guy who creates a mix of the best new tracks posted on the platform every fortnight. I also would highly recommend that you listen to his playlist to find out if your route made it.

This is basically for publicity. Send him your best track, and if you get featured, it will increase your fanbase since Jarvis already has a pretty big network of his own. You can expose your music to more than 4000 listeners, and that has only got to help you. 

5.  Use social media for promotions

Social media is the holy grail for any artist. It can either make you or break you. As soon as you start on Bandcamp, start a social media profile too. I would recommend that you at least have a twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page set up.

Start promoting your work and your page through these accounts. The majority of fans are made through social media, and today social media has a massive role in every famous artist’s fame. You can also use TikTok. Tiktok is increasingly becoming popular these days and is an excellent platform for popularising songs. 

6.  Pay proper attention to your album art

Album art is as important as what is inside the album. The majority of people open records after getting attracted by the artwork on the albums, not by artists or anything else. The more attractive your album art is, the better the chances of listeners being attracted to your work. So don’t skimp on the attention of your album art and make sure it is creative enough.

These are the main tips, but I do have one or two more. Create pages. You don’t have to write daily, even once a week or once a month works fine. You’re just keeping fans up to date about your work and building up your hype. Specify your lyrics.

Sometimes people have trouble understanding songs, and if you specify lyrics, it would be easier for those who can’t understand them. Take advantage of your free album copies. Bandcamp gives some free copies too. Take advantage of that. You can run contests and giveaways with them and gain more popularity and publicity for your albums.

Try to offer discount codes sometimes. Listeners love discounts, and it can go a long way to increase sales and views. The most important one, though, would be to ensure quality. If the content is not high quality, it can see you lose listeners as nobody enjoys low-quality content.

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