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8 things you should include in your lifestyle to treat your life.

Life is unpredictable and sometimes it doesn’t go the way you want to. You may feel like you are not living your life to the fullest. Most of the time, the feeling that you are wasting your life, or you can do better with it is a passing feeling.
It happens sometimes when you see others doing better than you. But when you work on yourself, this feeling usually goes away. It is because you know that when you work on your life to improve it, it will take some time. It doesn’t happen overnight, and this reassurance can help you go through life happily.

So, if you constantly feel unhappy and that you are making a mess of your life, and nothing is going according to plan, it can be bad. The nagging feeling that you always feel about throwing away your life can make you unhappy, and a failure in life. But don’t worry, you can work on this gradually.
With simple tips and changes to your life’s daily routine, you can make considerable changes and enhance your life for the better. It makes you happy, and when you are happy, you can work hard to get more success.

Here are some changes that you need to make to your life right now.

1.      Never compare yourself with others

One of the biggest reasons why people are unhappy with their life and feel like it is a mess is because they compare it with others. When we look at others and see them getting more success and happiness, we feel like a total failure, and it can lead to discouragement to work on improving yourself.
It is important to ask yourself this question, ‘ do you really want something or are you doing this because everyone else has it?’ Sometimes, we only want success in some areas because we think it has made others happy, and it can do the same for us.
It is wrong, first, people only share the happy parts of their life. They don’t share the struggle or the version where they are not happy. Secondly, success is specific to a person. You may have something else which makes you a success in life, which others don’t.
So, instead of comparing yourself with others even favorably should not be your goal. Your goal is to focus on your life, find your purpose, and do something about it.
2.      Have a routine

People say routines are monotonous, but having a set morning routine is important. It gives you a purpose, and you know what exactly you have to do. This saves time and helps you be more productive throughout the day.
So, start the day by doing a simple thing- making your bed. When you wake and make your bed, you will feel good. The room will look fresh and clean, and you won’t come back to a messy room.
After that, do your chores, eat breakfast, workout, and change, and make a to-do-list, and so on.
When you know what you have to accomplish in a day before-hand, you can organize the tasks by maintaining a planner according to your preference. It saves time too!

3.      Have logic behind things

We all have goals and ambitions in our life, but if our goals have no logic behind, they are useless. For instance, if you want a higher degree for better prospects, it is good logic to work hard to attain a scholarship for a great college. On the other hand, if you are buying a car because your friend bought a new one, and you don’t exactly need it, it is illogical.
Don’t make a life decision based on other people’s life or so on. You need to know the purpose and reason behind your choices so that you know your life is moving in the right direction.
4.      Accept your flaws and those of others

You won’t be happy if you continuously criticize yourself. So, what if you have acne or extra pounds, it is still your body, and you should love. Once you love yourself and your body the way it is, it's easier to start making positive changes to your life.
If you look in the mirror and hate the reflection, you will go in a downward spiral, which won’t help anyone. So, learn to love your flaws, and work on improving them.
Also, don’t judge people or expect them to be perfect. They are humans too, and you should love your friends and family for who they are. Don’t focus on what you expected them to be as it can strain your relationship with them.
5.      Eat right

Eating right and healthy food can make you feel good about yourself and your life. It keeps you physically fit, and mentally active and happy. It can be a big difference between how you perceive your life.
6.      Be grateful

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, and how that makes your life miserable, focus on what you have. If you want life to treat you better, practice gratefulness every day. Write down or think about five things that you are grateful for every day.
This one little thing can change your perspective, and show you that you are not doing too bad in your life.
7.      Be positive

Life is not all smiles and roses. You will face thorns too, but in such times, positivity is one thing that can lead to the end of a dark tunnel. So, focus on positive thoughts, surround yourself with positive people, and make your environment the same too.
Have motivational posters all around you, so that you know that there is hope even in the darkest days.
8.       Reward yourself

When you achieve something which you worked hard for, reward yourself. Treating yourself for a good job is a way to motivate yourself to keep working on improving your life.
We get only one life, and it is our responsibility to make it happiest and best. We have to fight our demons, and ensure that we follow the right path for a better and fulfilling life.

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