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A professional silicone vacuum casting service

Silicone vacuum casting is a prototype method. It takes a short time to manufacture and the little cost is an advantage of it. In this prototype casting methods, having a small probability for the failure of the process. This method is able to manufacture more than twenty products by using just one silicone mould. This material of the product includes PP, PC, PMMA, ABS, flexible glue, silicone rubber, and resistant material. 

Impacts of silicone vacuum casting

Nice Rapid is a service that provides silicone vacuum casting to manufacture the products with a silicone mould. Vacuum casting can replicate all the injection molding properties. It is mostly used to mold two parts of polyurethane which are accessible in a vast range of grades, colours, transparencies, and densities. The liquid polyurethane is haggard into the mold that is held under the vacuum. It ensures the material without porosity which means a tiny hole. It will through the cavity of the mold and it will not be restricted by the pressure of air.

 The polyurethane is held on the mold, so it can pour into the mold and it runs under the force of gravity to rise up. This runner is intended to provide a curtain of liquid polyurethane. It helps to flow through the mold and up the risers. After this process, it will take some time to fill the mold cavity and the vacuum will be equalized. The left of the mold is closed to complete the curing time which takes 45 minutes to four hours. After completion of the process, the part is ejected and excess materials will be removed. There is a lot of risers to make sure that the mold is evenly filled.

Service of silicone molding production

Nice Rapid completely carried out the service of silicone molding production from mold, trimming, refining, assemblage with the most proficient rubber vulcanizing equipment, the innovative R & D sprite, strict quality control strong production capacity that makes us well to produce the material of NR, NBR, EPDM, SIR, CR, SBR, FKM, PU, etc. In nice rapid, all the raw materials can conform with ROSH, REACH and FDA, strictly enforce of ISO-9001 to get international quality system certification. They maintain high-quality cooperation with domestic and foreign companies. 

Silicone moulding has two kinds of manufacture methods are compression molding and liquid silicone rubber molding. 

  • In compression moulding use rubber to manufacture the components and also using coating existing tools. It has some advantages to mould the products that are making the rubber to be strong; it is more malleable and less rigid compared to other materials. There are three processes to produce rubber parts are compression, injection, and extrusion of moulding. These three have their own unique compensation than other methods. 
  • Liquid silicone rubber is a cured silicone that has high purity. It is pertinent to the production of silicone rubber products with some tremendous details and well accuracy. It has great stability and resistance of extreme temperatures of heat and cold, liquid silicone rubber is ideally suitable for production components.

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