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Get BYJU'S - a comprehensive Home Learning Program for your child

Video learning will help your child visualize each concept and make them better learner. Enquire now.

Taking learning one step ahead, we are introducing BYJU’S ‘Learn From Home’ which combines engaging video lessons and interactive live lessons from our top teachers on our learning app. Students can now watch and understand concepts daily through our videos and also attend live classes and clear all their doubts. It's time to #StayHome and #StaySafe! So we hope that through these live classes students can #KeepLearning and have an enriching #LearnFromHome experience. Download now!

As we work hard to fight this pandemic, it’s important to ensure that we keep learning. With all our efforts, if we keep adapting and learning, we can overcome this adversity!
Let’s all keep up our hard work and keep learning to make it through this together!

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