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How To Style Gold Jewellery With Western Clothes

The world of fashion is changing, be it costume or jewellery. Modern-day fashion trends will leave us surprised if we take a look at the rare combination that models wear.  They style traditional jewels with western outfits creating a style statement. For those who know to carry themselves well, it is not a big deal to pair up western costume with gold jewellery. However, in this blog, we will help with some tips to get rare combinations that you can experiment. You might have seen celebrities wearing western clothes combined with traditional jewels. Why don’t you try some? Here, we go!
If you are proud of our culture and fond of traditional jewellery and gemstones, for example, a Kundan Necklace, it can be smartly paired with an off-shoulder dress. Similarly, a pure white and crispy shirt will never go out of trend. You can find a perfect match from 20-gram gold necklace designsto pair with this style. A belly length multi-layered necklace can be worn with solid colour blouses and tops. For those who are slim with narrow shoulders and neckline, it is recommended to wear a low-neck top with a necklace having a circle bar pendant. Punk necklaces can be paired with printed blouses and dresses. When you are wearing a T-shirt, make it simple by wearing a gold chain with a petite stone pendant. Collar necklaces are a good combo with boat-necks, one-shoulder high-collar tops, and turtlenecks. You can never go unnoticed with so many trends in golden necklaces. 
If you check out the jewellery box of any girl, you will find at least a pair of stunning jhumkas that make traditional Indian gold jewellery complete. Even if you wear a dull outfit, jhumkas will make it appealing to the eyes. If you want to pair comfort with style, wear a jumpsuit with a pair of white pearl jhumkas. No one can beat your ‘hot’ look. When it comes to other types of earrings whether a long dropping or a stud that you wear, it shall sync with the pattern of your outfit. If you love Kundan earrings, it can go well with sweetheart pattern of dress or with halter neck pattern. Your gold hoops can be paired with a high waist pencil skirt. Let your earrings do the talking.
Bring in a chic look into your attire by pairing some traditional gold bangles with blue jeans and a crop top or a crunchy white shirt. You have the choice to stack them up or wear a single piece. Both will look fabulous on a western outfit. If you want to check out for more designs install the Mellora app from Playstore. Pair netted bracelets and delicate bangles with pants and bohemian tops. It will look fabulous.  
Anklets and Toe Rings
When it comes to fashion and fusion, many of us forget about this traditional piece of Indian jewellery. Do not repeat this mistake! Pick your thin gold anklet from your jewel box and wear it with your short or medium-length skirts or with ankle-length pants. For a bolder look wear a single anklet. Another way to adore your feet is to choose your gold toe ring with skirts and sandals. It will surely stand out.
MaangTikas and Mangalsutra
In our tradition Maangtikas and Mangalsutra have been the pride and significance of every Indian bride. But many of us don't know how to make it trendy with a western outfit. A simple yet elegant Mangalsutra can be worn confidently with your modern outfit to the workplace. The Maangtikas can be paired with a gown that gives you a charming look. But don't forget to skip the necklace and earrings when you try this stylish combo to get a diva look.
Now you have got enough tips to change your traditional look. What are you waiting for? Get ready for the party! Grab the western gown from your closet and flaunt it with your gold jhumkas to steal the limelight.

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