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Preparing A Small Familiar Wedding Reception Post The Lockdown? Here Some Tips & Ideas!

Covid-19 has taught lessons to the world which are not less than revolutionary. Lessons on how to to approach various incidents and challenges of our professional and personal lives marriage being one of them.

The prevailing situation of nationwide lockdown across several countries of the world have put on hold some of our very close to heart moments.

Many of us have planned in advance our wedding ceremony during these times. But due to the threat imposed by social gatherings does it mean that we should stop having marriages?

That is why it is said that the Coronavirus is teaching humanity to rethink and re-approach several activities in a non traditional way.

Many of us will not yield to the pressure and we'll go ahead and marry anyway. So how do we go about it? Of course not all those are closed to tie the knot!

Let's explore the possibilities of having the same cosy wedding in the comforts of your residence among the presence of very limited friends and family members and of course without disturbing the current social order in a post COVID-19 world

Can you have a legal wedding: Of course you can have a legal wedding if you have completed the necessary formalities well in advance.

Either the marriage counselor has to come to your place and get the necessary documents signed or you have to travel to the councillors office on a prefixed date and get your marriage certificate.

The post lockdown period will see very limited ply of public transport and cab services, hence you have to get necessary permission from the local authorities in whichever part of the world you are to make that short travel.

       Video Call Wedding Is The New Trend: Many couples have tried this and maybe this one's for you? So while the bride and groom are still in the same place getting married in the traditional way, there are no guests. The guests attend the wedding through video calling. In many cities, the social lockdown is still in effect, even though the government has allowed movement, people in general are unwilling to gather. This might be a really good idea if your relatives are afraid of travelling.

       Destination Wedding Option: If you ever wanted a destination wedding like the bollywood celebrities then this can be a good option. You can choose the destination wedding according to the city that has the lowest number of the corona cases or closeby to your relatives or friends that you want to invite.

       Celebration At Home: You can plan a small at-home wedding event, court marriage or temple wedding that only includes your loved ones. A classy and cosy wedding at home is an amazing option, without making it look too gaudy, by not overdoing it with flowers or lighting. The decoration should be classy and minimal that shows your style. You can plan it on your terrace or lawn.

       Safety Is Must: Discuss safety concerns with your vendors, caterer and mainly your guests. You can set up a sanitization station, and ensure that you apply the 2 ft away rule for sitting arrangements. To be more safe you can have a body temperature check station to make guests more comfortable around each other.  If someone has health issues or is old, do not force them to come. It is ok in these times, to not want to go out.

 Some additional things to consider are:

       You can think of rescheduling your wedding. After all, this is probably the most important event of your life. Of course you want it to be a memorable one. Now it's time to be flexible, whether its date or venue, the vendor, the guest list etc. and the most important thing is your health and happiness.

       Chances are, that the photographers and caterers will be overbooked because of the long hold on the wedding, so whatever you want, do it in advance.

       Be prepared for the worst. While the pandemic may have left, until the count goes to absolute zero, there is always a chance that it may come back.  In such a situation you may  need a plan B. Talk about this in advance with your vendors. Ensure  return of payments if things change. Find out if the restaurants will release bookings in such an event. Of course if anything happens, ensure that guest communication takes top priority.

       Think about wedding insurance policy. It may not be normal in India to have wedding insurance, but then desperate times call for desperate measures. If you are a smart couple, you would understand that prevention  is better than cure. So buying a policy before you get started with the arrangements is smart thinking and hope that you never have to use it.

This situation arose from Coronavirus have opened the doors for many people to reveal their creative sides. If you simply google weddings during corona time, you will see trending videos of people getting married in parking lots, over zoom calls, in hospitals, or even wearing full personal protective equipment instead of wedding dress.

It leaves a great  memory to get married in a non traditional way. Imagine the stories you will have for your children and grandchildren in times to come. So this is an opportunity to be creative and adventurous. Think of healthy ways of getting hitched. Remember, all's well that ends well. Have a happy and safe wedding!!

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