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Handy Explores How to Make Money by Blogging

In this digital world, there are a lot of opportunities to make money from the confines of your home. If you have a talent for presenting your ideas well and using words to convince people, blogging can take you places. Though it is a field where you need to show some patience and work hard to overcome the competition, it can be very lucrative once it gets going. All you need to know is the right way to venture into it. In this article, Handy explores a few ways to make money by blogging.

The Ways
1. Online courses and workshops- Participating in online courses is a smart idea to learn more and it is growing popular these days. It is not restricted to only academic fields. Courses that teach painting, interior designing, cooking, or baking are equally in demand. So, if you have expertise in any field, you can utilize this area of interest for monetization. Start blogging and see how you can convert an almost zero investment business into a hugely profitable venture.
2. Affiliate Marketing- This is a great choice to create some passive income streams from your blog. Recommending the services or products in exchange for a commission can help you make a reasonable amount of money. Promoting affiliate products, most of which may sound as just casual recommendations in your blog can fetch you a good monthly earning.
3. Speaking gigs- In a situation where your blog does well, you do get noticed by a lot of people who may wish to utilize your popularity for their benefit. If you can become an authority in your field, you can be their top priority when they consider hiring a guest speaker for speaking at a conference. Your blogs would help you be recognized as a connoisseur in your area of interest. Plus, the many paid invitations that you may receive would be another source of good income.
4. Consultation programs- As a specialist in your designated field of blogging, you may receive requests for consultation or coaching from your readers. Innovative ways to design consultations by photo or emails may fetch you more clients and help you increase the remuneration by blogging.
5. Advertising- In case you get a lot of page views, your blogging turns into a serious business for earning money. Although this is not easy as you might need roughly a million visitors per year, there are niches that may turn really lucrative. Putting a few ads on your site can be a great supplementary source of income.


Blogging is an incredible platform where you can sell your skills efficiently and productively. Improve your content writing skills so that you can be ready to face the competition and people who are writing on similar topics. It is also imperative to understand how you can lure visitors to your website for better performance. Handy feels that you will get decent traffic once you are adept in your field of blogging and with a little practice you will start earning a decent income as well.

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