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Mark Roemer Explains How to Start Blogging About Your Hobby

Starting a blog involves a lot of work and demands determined dedication and time towards it. A blog should have appealing content so that the readers find it engaging enough to keep coming back to the website. Your aim should be to increase your blog traffic, utilize a method to earn money through it (advertisement/affiliate), and become an authority on the niche. You may often wonder which topics you should write about on your blog. The best bet is to start a blog on something you love - your hobby or passion. In this article, Mark Roemer explains how to start blogging about your hobby.

The Start

1. Be passionate about it - When you start a blog remember to write about something you are really passionate about. Put your heart and soul into it. The fact that your hobby or likes is quite different or hardly followed by anybody you know should not be a deterrent in writing about it. In fact, if you know something unique and special, people would be more interested in it. Try adding a new perspective to your hobby and share it with the readers.

2. Write regularly - It is generally seen that a blogger is very active at the start but gradually loses the momentum within a couple of months. The posts start getting fewer and in the course of time, the website becomes redundant. Don't let this happen to you. Once you have made up your mind on blogging, put up some content regularly to make others feel your presence. You can put some interactive posts as a quiz or a poll to engage the users.

3. Put up original content - The first rule in writing is to never copy content from anywhere. Be sure that the content is original or written by you. It may not be an engaging post at the start but eventually, you will learn to write better and create content that people love to read. You may find some interesting facts related to your topic that you may cite on your blog but remember to mention the source. 

4. Find your readers - Once your blog is set, all you need is to get more and more readers for it. Try posting your blogs on various social media channels and attract more viewership. Write a one-liner catchy introduction to your blog prior to its posting. This will let the readers know what is in store for them and would invite more clicks. Put up some contests and small rewards for the viewers. You can put in a weekly quiz that will make the readers look forward to the appointed day. 


According to Mark Roemer, blogging is not for everybody. It requires an effort to grow the project into something exciting. However, if you work diligently, the rewards would be equally exciting in the form of recognition, praise, intellectual discussions, and even money. To give your blog a boost, be sure to do some search engine optimization (SEO) so that it becomes easier for people to find it when they search about topics that you blog about.

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