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Everything you need to know about Bounce Houses

 s a parent you very well know the importance of a bounce house in your kids’ life and why not? This is the thing which we have been seeing from our childhood. You can plan a commercial bounce house for your kid’s next birthday party to take that party at the extreme level of fun. Moreover, if you want, you can surprise your kid with this superb birthday gift, meaning you can buy an Indoor bounce house for your little one. Trust me, this gift can make his birthday super special for him as well as for you.

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Inflatables always prove as a great physical activity not only for kids but also for adults. Therefore we always recommend our readers to buy a large one that can serve you for multiple purposes. Like this, there are a lot more things that you should know about a jump house. Read this article until the end and know certain facts about it.


Before we start anything, we want you to take a brief look at the history and transformation of bounce houses.


        Brief History Of Bounce Houses


The idea of inflatables and its design was first introduced by a mechanical engineer named John Scurlock in 1959. He got this concept from his employees who were jumping on the covers of tennis courts that are inflatable covers.


Safety air cushions are also designed by John and are considered as one of his biggest achievements. It is a design that is used to save people that are jumping from a height.


When he noticed his personnel leaping on an inflatable cover, he got the idea to start his own company as Space Walks. At the same time, some students of England tried his idea to raise funds for themselves and they changed its name from bounce houses to moon houses, while both are defined in the same way as inflatable structures. The reason behind this name is that people feel that they are walking on the moon.


People start promoting these structures for kids' birthday parties. The only problem at that time was they didn’t provide any enclosures. There was only one way to use moon houses as installing them on the hard ground and getting thrown off was one of the major problems.


This increases the risk of protection. After some time, pressurized tops and walls are introduced, to reduce this problem.


        Modern Bounce House Features

Here is how traditional bounce houses transformed into modern ones. Modern inflatables are completely free from any of the earlier issues. This is possible because of the continuous growth of technologies and manufacturing methods.


Modern textiles have ended in harder and extra long-lasting regions for youngsters to play on. Now, the material is upgraded so there is no such issue of nail picturing the fabric. Much upgraded and the high-quality fabric is used to manufacture the modern inflatables that can protect your kids from any injuries. Also, this material solved the problem of the heavyweight of inflatable even a kid can handle its weight now. You could ask any renowned company about the weight of traditional inflatables they can explain to you better.


     How you should select the Right Bounce House


If you are looking to purchase an Indoor bounce house as a parent then you may need to keep these 4 factors in mind to make the right choice for you.


        Age of your kid -

As I already told you, a larger bounce house can serve you for multiple purposes. Also, if you are planning it only for your kid who is not more than 6 then you can opt for a smaller size else larger size inflatables are best. You can use it for a long time without any doubt in your mind.


        Size of your backyard -

The size of the backyard is one of the important factors. If you don’t have enough space to install a larger size jump house, it makes no sense in buying one. Therefore before buying one, do some homework. Take a measuring tape and take proper measurements of your backyard, garage, or any other room where you are planning to set up a jumping castle.


        Budget -

Again an important factor which you can’t ignore. Before making any purchase make sure you have set an adequate budget for it. In general, the bouncing castle ranges from $200 to $1000. This way you can make your mind clear that you are not buying an expensive one. Also, it is important to keep yourself safe from the cheap or low-quality bounce houses that are available to you at a very lower price. 


        Make a purchase online -

As per the review of many customers and experts, it has been predicted that buying online is the best way. There you will get amazing return policies, as well as the product, is available to you at a discount price like you can check bounce houses on Amazon and Flipkart and then compare it with others that are available at your nearby shops. Don’t forget to read the guidelines before making any purchase.



        Considerations for safety when you are purchasing online


No matter whether you are buying a commercial bounce house or an indoor bounce house taking safety considerations is always important. There is no doubt that hump houses are far safer than the trampolines, if mistakenly you pick out the wrong one so it can hurt your child badly. That’s why it is important to ensure the safety of your child that you can do by buying it from a good manufacturer. Along with this, here are some of the points which you should keep in mind before your purchase -


        If you are buying inflatables from a renowned shop or manufacturer then surely you will find some clear instructions about the product. Don't forget to read them carefully. It also comes with detailed guidelines for its functioning and operations. As you will pay a good amount for your product it is your right to ask for an instruction booklet.

        Also, you need to check for recalls. If the manufacturer is providing you recalls then probably their entire unit is fixed. You need to be careful enough, don’t get trapped with an old version.

        If you are meeting with any supplier who claims that till now they have not received any complaint from the customers about any type of injuries and accidents then probably he is lying. You can check feedback on that product or even checking the ratings is a far good way to deal with them.

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