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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Double Door Refrigerator

Refrigeration is a traditional practice. However, every day the innovations in refrigerators are appealing people to try out something new. If you are looking to buy a new refrigerator, we are going to help you to guide your way adequately. Thousands of people purchase new refrigerators every day. Some are satisfied with their product, while others are not. The most potent way to avoid disappointment is to keep a few points in mind before buying a refrigerator. The selling rate of a double door refrigerator is enhanced in the previous few years due to a list of commendable features present in them. However, the accuracy and speed of these features vary in the refrigerators of different brands. Therefore, you need to look upon a few things before purchasing a double door refrigerator. However, people commit a few mistakes in the purchasing time. Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid while buying a double door refrigerator in India:

1. Purchasing a wrong size/capacity:

It is one of the most common faults that people do. They will look for everything; but, when it comes to deciding the right capacity of the refrigerator, it is where they go wrong. Let us guide you with a few tips on how to choose a double door refrigerator size accurately:

·         235 to 260Litres are ideal for 2 adult and 2 kid family.

·         260 to 350Litres are ideal for a family of 5 members.

·         350 to 500Litres is ideal for a family of 6 or more.

2. Over focusing on the brand:

If you want to get a value for money product, we recommend you to stop focusing only on brand. If you have a specific favorite brand, you can keep it in an option. But, do not forget to explore and compare it with the double door refrigerator of other brands too. Sometimes, newer brands will offer you more benefits in contrast to the old ones. However, it is entirely subjective.

3. Overlooking the star rating:

The star rating is one of the single most determinant about the power saving efficiency of the refrigerator. If you are someone who often worries about the electricity bill, you should never overlook the BEE star rating. The higher star rating will offer you enhanced energy-saving features. Make sure to buy a double door refrigerator with a star rating above three only. The lower star refrigerators might be cheaper; but, they will extract a lot of money later.

4. Ignoring to pre-set a budget:

Presetting a budget is a necessary aspect. If you look for a double door refrigerator without deciding the budget and limit, it will confuse you. You will end up buying the wrong product at last.

5. Not paying attention to other features:

The exterior features including the handle, design, and weight of the fridge are as necessary as the interior ones. Make sure to check the features of defrost, shelves, compartments, and built-in stabilizers in the refrigerator.


Buying a refrigerator should be a long term decision. You would not want the new refrigerator to interfere with your life by faults in working. Therefore, make your decision wisely. All the best!

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