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Canon Pro 100 vs Pro 10 Specs Comparison: Which one is the best

Regardless of the place where you’re going to use the printer, choosing the right one is essential. Although there are different specific models for each kind of usage. Canon is one of the brands that are launching the latest and updated models of printers over the years. There are numerous Canon printers that you can get both online and offline. Also, the price ranges of those models differ from each other. 

In this article, we are going to compare two of the top picks from the Canon store. Are you confused while choosing one between Canon Pro 100 and Canon Pro 10? Here is your complete guide that will help you to choose the right model for yourself. 

Comparison between Canon Pro 100 and Canon Pro 10

In this segment, both the printers are of the same category. Canon Pro 100 and Canon Pro 10, both the models are inkjet printers. Both of the printers are 13 inches in size and deliver photo-quality printouts. 


  • The first one, Canon Pro 100 includes dye-inks. 
  • Canon Pro 10 pigment-based inks that provide better quality printouts. 
Printing size 

The minimum and maximum printing sizes are also the same in Canon Pro 100 and Pro 10. Both of these photo printers are capable of printing banner from 4”×6” up to 13”×26”. For both, maximum paper length can be 26 inches. 

Borderless size limit 

In the case of both the printers, the user has to set the borderless size limits manually. Both the printers offer borderless size limit customizations. 


You can get the Canon Pro 100 for around five hundred dollars. While for the Canon Pro 10, you will have to spend seven hundred dollars. You can purchase these models both online and offline. 

Why buy Canon Pro 100? 

There are a few beneficial aspects that Canon Pro 100. This is one of the most loved products in the market with high ratings from users. Let’s see why you should get a Canon Pro 100. 

  • The printing speed of this model is way faster than the other models. While using this model, you would never have to face any delay in printing. 
  • You’ll notice crisp and saturated colours in the printout. The colour saturation of the printouts of this model is classy. 
  • You can insert any kind of inkjet paper inside the printer for printing. This model is compatible with every type of inkjet paper and handles those perfectly. 
  • You’re getting the quality black and white output from the model besides colour printouts. 

Why buy Canon Pro 10? 

  • Black and white printouts of this model are better any other. The inbuilt B&W software handles greyscale printing expertly and makes it more predictable. 
  • You’ll get the assurance of long term fade resistance with this specific model. 
  • The colour reproducing capacity of this printer is decent and probably the best in the market.
Both these models have their unique features and facilities that can benefit you. You have to go through the comparison between the specifications. Then you have to decide which one is the best suit for your requirement. So, check out the article and get the best printer to get your job done. 

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