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How To Use Hair Colour For The First Time

If you have landed up in a tricky situation of coloring your hair for the very first time, there is no need to worry! The first time hair color can either be a blunder or something extremely satisfactory. There are a bunch of things that you need to consider before setting out to have a hair color. Whether you are coloring your hair at home or salon, these little tips will help you to achieve a perfect salon finish hair color. Many of you might be fearful of hair damage and other things. It is a myth if you take proper care of these things. Let us look at some points to consider for a hair dye virgin:

1. Wash your hair a day before the hair coloring:

You should not immediately wash hair and set for hair coloring. That is where most of the people go wrong. The ideal time to wash hair before the hair dye is 12 to 24 hours. When your hair is dirty, it cannot penetrate the dye to the precise amount. The appropriate time allows better staining on the hair. Also, it protects your hair from irritation and dryness due to oil secretion.

2. Choose an appropriate hair color:

It is better to listen to your stylist as she knows more about shades and color selection. However, you must know that people with warmer skin tone look good in copper, mahogany, and brown. People with cool skin tone can go for brown, rich black, or even crazy colors.

3. Know that your life is going to be changed:

Make sure that you know all the necessary changes in your life that you need to adapt after hair dying. You shampoos, conditioner, hair mask, hair care routine, everything will be changed. If you don't, you will notice some changes to your hair that is possibly the effect of not following proper hair care techniques after hair color.

4. Do not go directly under scorching sun:

If you are someone who often works out or steps out of home more frequently, make sure to use a UV blocking serum. Otherwise, your hair can be more susceptible to fading and the scalp can become irritable.

5. Read all the instructions carefully:

If you are planning to do the hair dye by yourself, we must praise you for taking such a daring step. You need to keep a few things in mind. Make sure to read the leave time. Also, keep a note of the ratio of mixing ingredients.

6. Chlorine is a strict no after bleaching:

Make sure to stay away from chlorine after bleaching or coloring hair. Sometimes, there is excessive use of chlorine in the swimming pool. It can extract all the necessary oil and color out of your hair. Make sure to wash your hair properly after swimming. Keep it away from other chlorine exposure too.

7. Start expecting all the compliments on the way:

Once you have finished coloring your hair, do welcome a ton of compliments on the way!


We hope that your first-time hair coloring goes extremely outstanding. All the best to you pretty ladies!

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