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Design and Style Tips To Get The Perfect Abstract Canvas Art

Do you love abstract art but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into your home? You’re not alone! Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming deciding what will look good or what will clash with your current style. Adorning your living space with abstract canvas art can give it the gentle nudge it needs to become the perfect blend of beauty and comfort. With a plethora of options available at varying prices, choosing the right art piece can go from being an exciting buy to a headache.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. No matter what kind of interior design style you’ve used, you can follow these tips to seamlessly integrate abstract canvas art into your home and your life.

How To Get Amazing Abstract Canvas Art For Your Home

Let’s first discuss what abstract art is. Abstraction is the means of distancing an idea for specific objective reference. Basically that means that in the visual arts pull a depiction away from anything literal or representational reference points. People are drawn to this form of art because it can take many different forms. It can be more geometric in shape, maybe more fluid, or even loud and bright. Abstract art lends itself to all styles and can be appreciated by everyone, no matter what your personal preference.

Ready for some abstract art ideas that you and everyone who visits will love? Read some of our design tips to make sure your home matches your personal style.

Opposites Attract!

Contrasting traditional furnishings with modern abstract canvas prints can have a dramatic effect on your interior. There’s no better way to highlight the unique beauty of your abstract art than to pair it with its decorative opposite.

A colorful abstract painting can be an attention-grabbing focal point for a neutral traditional space. Be careful not to overdo it though.

One clever way to make use of this contrast is to add a modern art piece to a traditional/classic frame. It’s sure to catch everyone’s attention!

Match the Hues

You may think that abstract art should always be the focal point of the room. But that’s just not right. Some of the best interior designs make subtle use of abstract canvas art as a soft backdrop to set off the rest of the décor.

Match the accent colors of your room with your piece by selecting art that carries most of the same hues. You can choose a painting that blends well with your walls or goes hand-in-hand with beddings or sofas.

Sometimes that subtle is the way to go, especially if the rest of your home decor style is loud and vibrant. Don’t feel like your abstract art has to be full of color. Abstract art can also be soft water color themed or close up images without a direct focal point. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Pair Them Up!

Think your piece doesn’t quite look right in the area above your living room couch? Pair it up with another piece and watch them complement each other’s beauty.

Stack them vertically or line them up side by side for a balanced and polished look. Your main goal is to maintain consistency in framing and size to make them appear like a cohesive set, despite differences in color or design. 

Grid designs are always reallly appealing, especially if the art you picked is especially bright. When you use an evenly placed grid to guide your art placement, you can still get an eyecatching display that still looks clean and organized.

Place it Creatively

Who says that an abstract canvas art has to be adjacent to your bed or above the living room couch? Adopt the avant-garde spirit of abstract art and get creative with your placement!

Placing art in unexpected areas can be impactful and eye-catching. Look for areas in your bathroom, hallway, or kitchen where an art piece can add value and character. We mentioned grids above but don’t feel like you need to make sure everything is even. You can use a creative mix-matched gallery design to help incorporate some of your art in a way that matches your style better.

Ready To Add Abstract Canvas Art To Your Home? We Can Help!

Whether you need a timeless split canvas print, a canvas collage, or any other classy print to add personality to your interior, Canvas Factory has you covered with limitless possibilities of custom prints.

With over 25 million images in our database, we guarantee you will find something that will connect with your soul and imbue your house with your personality. Plus we have several different style ideas so that no matter what size or style you need, we have options that will work for you.

From infamous art pieces to prints from local masters, your perfect abstract canvas art is just a click away!

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