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How can you select between framed and canvas prints

The most common question which is often asked by a lot of people is what actually canvas prints are and what makes them unique and different from that of the traditional and framed prints. Well, it has a very simple answer that everything totally depends on your choice and preferences and most importantly on your budget. Most of the time choices get affected by the interior designs and location of the particular frame. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of both framed prints as well as custom canvas prints. Also, with this article you will know why you should choose one over another.

       Printing on Canvas

Custom canvas prints are able to fight with all the disadvantages that a framed print provides. Along with this, it offers you a great and unique look. After inkjet printers were introduced there have been some new changes that allowed people to show every minute details that provide it a more appealing look. Have a look at some of the advantages of Canvas Photo Prints that will show you the reasons why you should select canvas prints over framed prints -

Because of the extraordinary quality that canvas prints provide these are a bit expensive when compared with framed prints. These are durable and the colors and quality lasts for a longer period. Along with this, the major reason it is becoming the best choice among people is that it can fit well with any setting unlike framed prints where before selecting one you need to match the frames with the overall interior design of your home and office. You can easily show off your photography skills with the help of canvas prints because it provides suitable details to the picture and is able to become a centrepiece for any space. 

Advantages of canvas prints -

        These prints does not show any type of reflections or glare in the presence of natural light or sunlight

        You can select any size of image that is biggest for the wall.

        Light weighted as compared to framed prints

        Without any difficulty, large size image can be printed economically

        You can add a window into the scene because canvas prints gives frameless look

        Makes a painterly impact which could be very pleasing

        May be mounted in semi-humid environments (bathrooms)

        Because there is no frame present it can fit with any style or decor at your place.

        If you want to provide a finished look you can add a wooden floater frame

        There is availability of multi panel options

        These prints provide versatility

        You can select any image for canvas printing, everything looks good on it.

        You do need to adjust with the quality and durability of the picture.

Disadvantages of Canvas Printing

       A lot of people have issues with its material because it is not water resistant and scratch resistance

       Unlike framed prints that can easily be DIY at home or at any other place, custom canvas prints are difficult to create and this is why they are more expensive then framed printings.

       Sometime you may feel a distracting texture of canvas

        Once you have printed a picture on canvas it gets permanently fitted on it you can not change it as per your choice.

       Printing on paper

Printing on paper means framed prints. It is the conventional manner of showing a picture, and it truly has a classy quality that is precise and can easily be understood. You will find a lot of printing on paper with several textures and finishes. In the current trend, a lot of people are using purely cotton based mat paper. Once the work is matted and completed, it makes an unique and dramatic look that can attract a lot of people.

Why you should opt framed prints -

Framed prints, like canvas prints, are very versatile. You can use this type of print for any photograph and any form of photography. Along with this, the reason why it attracts most of the people is its availability at low cost. A framed print is one of the most effective prints which can even be made at your home and gives a unique appearance.

You can also consider framed prints as a long-term investment because it just requires a high quality printer for your nice artwork prints and you’ll have it for a long term. What makes it more accessible is that by using a high quality printer you can create as many prints as you want for a specific location. 

Unlike Canvas photo books these prints do not show the fact that you are a professional photographer. Also, you should know that framed prints are so common and can easily be seen in every house. Every second home consists of a framed print which contains a huge family picture. So, if you are someone who wants to show a picture in a different and unique way that can make you stand out of the crowd then you should not opt for farmed prints.  

Some advantages of framed prints -

        Available at low cost

        You will be provided with a huge variety of size and frames

        Any image can suits well with a framed print

        This can provide you a conventional appeal and look

        If you are selecting a wooden frame then it can provide a decorative accent to your place.

        It has been seen that framed prints show more details than that of custom canvas prints

        Selecting black and white prints looks good on fiber based papers.

Disadvantages of framed prints -

        Very common in today's era and hence are not able to provide a unique appearance.

        Most of the time these prints do not give you a wow factor.

        Durability is less as compared to canvas photo prints.

        Reflection of light always disturbs an image

        A smaller photo length for a selected wall space

        Large sizes are heavy and costly

        Always provide a perception that a picture is separate from a print.

        You need to work for selecting a specific frame that can be matched with the decoration of home and office.

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