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How to Buy a Blender and Make a Super-Simple Smoothie

Preparing a smoothie might seem not an easy task. But, when you have a premium quality blender for smoothie, your life gets easier. Smoothies are one of the most satisfying and refreshing drinks in the world. It keeps your mind and body cool with its creamy and delicious texture. Not only it is tasty and lip-smacking; but, it has also got nutritional benefits. Regular consumption of smoothies can help you achieve your body of dreams. People who are aware of these facts do not mind spending some extra penny on smoothie stalls every day.

However, wouldn't it be better to invest in a smoothie blender instead? In this manner, you can prepare your drink whenever you wish. You do not have to control your food cravings. Also, you get to save your money. Latest Smoothie blenders are available in different qualities. A beginner might seem confused to decide on one of them. We are going to enlist a few things to make your purchasing easy. Also, we will give you tips on making super simple smoothie:

1. How to buy a blender for smoothie:

Here are a few points that you need to consider when buying a smoothie blender:

·         Power of the blender: For preparing a smoothie, you will require the processing of frozen fruits and additionally ice, if you wish. If you have a low power blender, it might not able to blend the ice readily. It will only be suitable for semi-solid ingredients like fruits. However, having a blender of power higher than 600 watts will look into the matter.

·         Size of the blender: The size of the blender should be ideal to meet your requirements. We recommend to buy a smoothie blender according to the number of servings.

·         What else can it blend?

Having a multipurpose blender can be one of the best addition to your kitchen appliances. Therefore, look if your blender can grind/blend different items or not.

·         Design and style: The design of the blender should match with your kitchen's interior. It should enhance the look of your kitchen space.

·         Speed settings: Different speed settings allows the user to prepare various items such as soups, purees, juice, and smoothie.

·         Cleaning: Cleaning of the blender should be convenient and hassle-free.


2. How to prepare a super simple smoothie:

Here are the steps to prepare an easy smoothie recipe:

·         Take the smoothie blender jar or pitcher according to the serving needs.

·         The next step is to add the base. It can either be plain milk or almond milk. If you have other tasty dairy substitutes, you can add them too.

·         Next, add your favorite fruits and veggies. Banana and berries are the most frequently used fruits in the smoothie.

·         Finish off by adding some ice cubes.

·         Fix the pitcher in the blender at seal the lid.

·         Carefully, press the seal from the top and turn on the blender.

·         Choose the speed setting that you require for the ingredients.

·         That’s it, you are done!


We hope that you find the above points helpful. Thanks for reading!

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