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How to Make Your Own Dash Cover

A dashboard cover is an extremely useful thing to have. This not only protects your car’s dashboard but it also provides your car a unique look. And for the buyers’ convenience, there are plenty of brands available for the dashboard covers. And to protect your dash, you can choose any of the available brands and products that fit perfectly on your car.

However, if you are looking for a better value and practicality, one more thing that you can opt for is to make your own dashboard cover. There are numerous benefits to making personalized car dashboard covers at home. And some of them are

·         Less manufacturing cost

The best reason to make the dashboard cover by yourself is the making cost. Buying an ideal dashboard cover is much expensive than making one. So, if you are after money-saving, you should not look any further than making a dashboard cover at home.


·         A personalized touch to the cover

By making the dashboard cover by yourself, you can fulfill all your requirement without making any compromises. This also gives your dashboard a perfect personalized touch that is going to provide you a sense of satisfaction.


·         Better durability

Handmade dashboard covers are much more durable than machine-made covers. So, if you are not getting good quality in your budget, you should try making the cover by yourself and make a perfect dashboard cover that will serve you for years.


So, if you were looking to install a dashboard cover on your car, but are after saving the money too, you should once try your hands on making the dashboard by yourself. Here’s a step-to-step guide to making a perfect car dashboard cover at home. Have a look at it and try making one for yourself.

Step 1: Take measurements

The first step to make the perfect car dashboard cover is to take the measurements. Make sure to keep the measurement carefully. A single inch difference can make difference and you won’t get the perfect feel while making the dashboard cover.

Step 2: Choose a perfect material

Material plays an important role in making an ideal car dashboard cover. Material quality shows how durable and reliable your final product would be. So, try your hands on the best material available for the car dashboard cover to make sure about getting a perfect quality.

Step 3: Know your needs

You must know your needs while designing the dashboard cover. Make sure that you know what kind of papers and stuff you want to keep in the dashboard cover. By this, you can judge how much space you should make for pockets and sleeves.

Step 4: You are done

Just stitch the material according to plan and polish the material if needed. And your dashboard cover is ready to be used.


So, this was all the steps that you should follow to make a perfect car dashboard cover. Try your hands on these steps and you are ready to make your first car dashboard cover.

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