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5 Ways Gambling Can Hurt You Or Your Loved Ones


1. The first and most obvious downside of gambling is the financial burden it can take on an individual. Many people lose their entire life savings, and sell all of their possessions in order to achieve the rush gambling gives you 

2. Gambling can drive some people to start stealing from their family and friends. The saddest thing perhaps is that anyone can be affected by this, some of the most moral and honest men and women have had to resort to stealing to support their gambling habit 

3. Anxiety and Depression is perhaps the biggest side effect of gambling, once someone realizes how much they have lost and their inability to stop, they develop low self esteem and self-loathing which leads to depression. There have also been reports of  uncontrollable anger and even aggression when not gambling. 

4. Replacing one addiction with another is very common. Most times if someone stops gambling they pick up other unhealthy habits, including eating too much food, overspending, and even drugs. Developing a substance abuse disorder is the reality for many people suffering from gambling addiction. Fortunately there’s help available for those affected. 

5. Once an individual forms a gambling habit they begin to ignore other aspects of their life. Going to work or school is no longer as important as it used to be, family obligations are ignored, many times personal hygiene is completely overlooked. There are many other downsides to gambling and addiction may not manifest for a while but if you are noticing some of these in your life due to gambling do not take a chance on your life, reach out and talk to your loved ones or other support outlets available.

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