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Are you missing some fun in your life? Do you like adventures? Do you crave for some entertainment? If your answer to all of these questions is yes then I have a solution to all of your problems. The solution is the Desert Safari Dubai. The heart of the Arabian desert lies with a desert safari. It is all about adventures and fun. The wonderful Sand dune rides and the fascinating camp activities will cherish you. You will enjoy your trip and I can guarantee you that.

What are the packages?

Morning desert safari:

There are many packages available. Morning desert safari starts with sunrise photography. Our driver will pick you from your location. After sunrise photography, you can go for dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, and Sand skiing or Sandboarding. Morning is all about adventures.

Evening desert safari:

The adventurous activities like camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking, etc. are also available in the evening desert safari package. It also includes camp activities like the Tanoura show, the fire show, belly dancing, etc. This is an interesting idea I believe because you can cover all the activities at one time. Sunset photography is the highlight of the evening desert safari. The way the sky changes its colors like wow. It is so satisfying for the eyes.

Overnight desert safari:

Overnight desert safari is a night experience. The best part of overnight is camping. Camp activities are so entertaining and will make your trip memorable. These include fire show, belly dancing, tanoura show, Arabic costume photography, and henna art. Dinner is also available which includes buffet and barbeque. Arabic cuisine is the best. You can sit at the desert and gaze at the stars. The night at the desert is so beautiful. It is so chill and you can have a walk in the desert. It is so soothing. There are silence and peace. You can also sleep in your camp. We will provide you with sleeping bags and blankets.


Group bookings are amazing since we offer great deals and discounts for the people who book in groups.. Bring your friends, classmates, office buddies or anyone you want. We will provide you with the driver and vehicle to pick you up from your hotel or residence.

Private Bookings:

If you don’t want any disturbance and you plan to come alone or two people then we also care about your privacy. Private bookings are also available. For dune bashing and pickup private vehicles will be provided to understand your privacy.


There are so many facilities. Pickup and drop-off facility is provided to the customers. For Dune Bashing, we provide  a land cruiser or a hummer. These vehicles provide the best Dune Bashing. Delicious and yummy food is also provided. Sleeping bags and blankets are also provided to those who are willing to try Overnight Desert Safari. The drivers are very well trained and experienced. You can also communicate with them. The team is hardworking and the experts will guide you at every step.

All the packages are really good. It depends on what you choose. The experience of Desert safari Dubai will refresh your soul. It will be hard for you to leave. Capture the best moments and don’t forget to live in the moment.

Plan your trip to Desert Safari Dubai and have a good time by choosing the best tourism company. To book your deal go to the link below:

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