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Top Entertainment Applications for iOS

Phones have become a vital part of our lives and so naturally, the mobile apps being developed and launched have started to be used more and more each day. There are many entertainment apps offered on different app stores that allows people to access entertainment wherever they go whenever they want. Entertainment applications for iOS make it possible for enjoying free time and make long commutes bearable and all without having to out in much effort. Find out more information with A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai. Here are some great entertainment apps which would help keeping you entertained.


This is a social network which is video based that is similar to TikTok and Vine. Creators are able to share 6 second recordings that are based on different subjects and topics such as comedy, books, science, podcasts and TV shows etc. Byte’s is stronger as it allows you to find content that you would prefer from your favorite creators. Find out how to develop a similar app with A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.

Jackpot City

You might want to watch movies or listen to music on your mobile device then why not do so while you earn some money? Jackpot City is basically a full featured casino which is available on your mobile device 24/7. This app allows you to experience an entire casino experience as you can play blackjack, slots and even roulette all just from your mobile phone. Find out how to start developing you app with similar ideas and great features with A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.

Infuse 6

Infuse 6 is an app for not just a video player but also an app for streaming content from computers to IPhone. This app makes the streaming very easy and helps free up space in phones to just hold the content that is preferred. Find out more information with A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai. This app allows you to pull information about the content online including movie and show information, subtitles and cover art.


Modern TV might make it difficult to choose a streaming service and JustWatch is a solution to this issue. When searching for shows, this app tells you where the application can be streamed and bought if that’s the option. If an appropriate app for the streaming service is installed it would be very convenient for the users. You have the ability to browse popular and new shows through appropriate tabs. When looking for something to watch, the tab for browsing has several options to select from. Find out more helpful tips with A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.

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