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Signs That You Are In A Good Restaurant

Have you ever walked in and out of a restaurant and add it to your “go-to” dining places? But for sure you also have been to a restaurant and you vowed to never come back here again. Probably on so many occasions, you have. There are places where it is worth coming back next time with family and friends. That means you were at a good restaurant that offered good food and service. So how can you tell if you have been at the best restaurants in Brisbane? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Quick and Friendly Service

One thing that you want to avoid when dining at a restaurant is to experience bad service. The waiting game just doesn’t work for these cases. Yes, servers are busy especially during peak hours, but food establishments like this should have enough staff to accommodate all diners. So if you have been waiting forever to be entertained, then it’s a red flag. Sometimes, good food will not be able to compensate for the bad mood that it has set for you in the first place.

Servers Know What They Are Doing

Servers should be knowledgeable of everything they have on the menu. If you ask a server a question regarding an item on the menu and they do not know what to say to you, then it’s not good. There is also a good chance that the server was not given a chance to try this dish and just explaining it to you like it has been rehearsed.

The Menu is Updated and In Season

The menu should be updated. You do not want to order something and end up being told that ‘it’s not available at the moment.’ Also, the list should be in season. Fresh produce is hard to find during winter and if the restaurant offers lots of salads, then the freshness of their ingredients can be questionable.

All Orders Are Served At Once

If you have been watching Gordon Ramsay’s shows, you will notice how angry he gets when food for a certain table is not ready and served at once. That is because serving all the food for a table at the same time shows how orderly the people at the kitchen are. Nobody wants to be the only person to wait for their food to be served while others already have theirs in front of them.

Bathroom is Clean

When an establishments’ bathroom is clean, it talks a lot about their hygiene and sanitation. This is one of the best ways to judge a restaurant. A clean bathroom means they have good attention to detail. This is crucial especially if you are dining at an expensive restaurant. Good food and service should be coupled with clean bathrooms and kitchens.


Every little detail in this list adds up. And if you find one in a restaurant that is opposite of what is mentioned above and it’s unforgivable, then don’t come back. It is time for you to forget about it and find the best instead. Read reviews online before you book for a table to avoid having to deal with such issues and ruin the night for everyone.


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