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Why is MT4 the best Trading Platform?

Founded by Metaquotes, MT4 is the Earth's most successful Forex trading platform and has been around for ten years or more now. We look at six great explanations for why this trading platform is so famous.




One of MT4's main attributes is its durability. It is almost unheard of to hear anyone worry about trustworthiness. Checked over several years by hundreds of thousands of traders, the platform is now a very stable solution for traders who know the strong profitability of even a moment of downtime. The platform is designed for both low-power and poor internet connectivity. It is fantastic since MT4 is stable under all conditions, unlike other platforms that look amazing but slow down.


Simple to use


The MT4 platform is super simple for fresh and old traders to start exploring Forex or CFD Trading. Metaquotes also eliminated certain needless complications from the web by intuitively utilizing them. All necessary details such as maps, indices, and pricing are accessible with only a few easy clicks.


Expert Advisors (EA)


One of the most potent developments for MT4 was the incorporation of specialist consultants or expert advisors (EAs) on forex trading, CFD trading, and all types of investing it serves. These are small pieces of software code that a trader might write and use to automate their trading strategies on the MT4 platform. Because Forex is a 24-hour business, traders may improve their trading chances or encourage traders to continue doing another job.


App Store


Metaquotes adopted Apple's pattern of introducing an application store to the MT4 site. The app store enables traders to buy or rent both EAs and commercial signals. It helps beginner traders, those lacking computer experience, or those with a limited amount of time to access and automate whatever trading techniques they need quickly.


Virtual Private Server


The VPS or virtual private server is last but not least. Traders may lease a VPS per month at a small fee or also get one free of charge from their agents. A VPS then enables a trader to link the MT4 network remotely to the VPS server, rendering automated trading super easy and super stable 24 hours a day utilizing the trading platform in a secure data center still operated by IT professionals.


Multiple devices


MT4's on Windows PC, Linux, iPhone, and web browsers are available. A single account login can operate on all the computers simultaneously. It ensures that a trader will launch his trademark operations from his morning workplace, track them from his cell phone and then shut a trading facility from an Internet cafe when his telephony battery dies.

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